Here at ORCA we strongly believe that certain checkboxes have to be ticked for the project to be valuable and worthwhile: the business case, existing audience, and timing.

Digital banking applications are exploding – giant platforms such as Facebook and Amazon are beginning to handle payment processes on client’s behalf; more and more IT startups are focusing on alternative payment offerings.

PSD2 is making the aggregation of financial accounts possible and that’s where ORCA comes in. People are not pleased with their typical banking experience. Now using ORCA, you will be able to choose from services to find ones tailored to your needs.

And for ORCA to really offer the best alternatives, we feel that we must offer crypto services for our users. Crypto awareness is going through the roof with more people joining the ecosystem every day. Even the big banks such as JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs are jumping onboard.

All in all, ORCA is at the perfect place to reap the benefits of banking going into the age of decentralization.

This is what our backers, advisors, and supporters are anticipating as well. We gathered a compilation of what our believers had to say about the vast potential of ORCA platform:

Darius Rugevičius, Managing Partner at Connect Capital
“Timing is everything. With PSD2 taking effect in January, the possibilities of Open Banking just spurred inside the market. European banking sector is worth trillions of dollars and we think now is the perfect time to step in. There’s going to be a lot of competition and ORCA is bringing a competitive advantage — including decentralized services into their Open Banking platform to deliver for the quickly growing demand”

Sishir Varghese, Managing Partner at AlphaChain Capital
“It is refreshing to see ORCA on a mission to make the banking experience less frustrating for everyone. Recent regulatory developments in Europe positions the ORCA project at the most opportune time to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and conventional banking. What’s important for us and we think brings a lot benefit for investors is the two-fold potential of the project to bring in users. Route A is Open Banking, which will attract Europeans looking for more freedom when making everyday financial decisions. Route B is the decentralized economy and digital currencies that are gaining public awareness and support every day. When these two routes converge, they will turn into a positive feedback loop”

Rytis Bieliauskas, programmer and mentor at Blockchain Centre Vilnius
“Open Banking is a concept which goes hand in hand with decentralized networks such as the internet and distributed ledger tech. The banking industry has remained stagnant for far too long. ORCA localizes both Open Banking and digital currencies to bring ultimate benefit to users.”

Jaro Šatkevič, Co-founder at Blockvis
“Modern banking system provides us a lot of financial services but each of them is centralized and isolated making it hard to track our financial status. ORCA is solving this problem and is even going a step further by integrating cryptocurrency services into the platform.”

Martin Samami, CTO at Upgraded Technologies:
» watch the interview with Martin

Steen Nielsen, former General Manager at Nordea:
» watch the interview with Steen

ORCA Alliance takes no time off and is vigorously preparing for its token sale. For now, join ORCA whitelist and make sure you are in a higher position in the waiting queue.


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