On the planet where blockchain-advances and digital money occurred we can see new IT-organizations relatively ordinary. Every one of them is attempting to discover the answer for various issues in the business, yet not all are effective. Still there is a case of achievement. We are discussing the Russian organization called Paymon.
What makes them extraordinary?

In 2016 Paymon understood the flaw of advances for Bitcoin, Ethereum and different sorts of digital money. By and large it is badly designed to work with on account of deferrals of exchanges or expenses. In this way, folks from Russia settled on a choice to make their own blockchain in light of DAG, with its own calculation of affirmation. After they offered the new kind of digital money – PMN?. At the beginning of 2018 after the primary phase of ICO they got bolster from speculators and network, made contacts with imperative individuals from crypto and budgetary industry.

At the point when the organization began ICO they as of now had their own Paymon detachment with the “chilly” wallets. The stock ended up famous quick because of wallet’s wellbeing and got in excess of 8000 clients. Today also they work at other more critical innovations.

Colony – Directed Acyclic Chart on which will be based the new digital money. With Hive it will be conceivable to make exchanges without the charges or vast deferrals in confirmation. Likewise, there will be no need in mineworkers any longer, in light of the fact that their place will be taken by common clients of the system.

Benefit – the stage for individuals who do buiness, where each proprietor can get reimbursement for his merchandise or administrations in digital currency. Furthermore, with Hive-framework it will be conceivable to create brilliant contracts and check administrations to its ability for work and wellbeing.

Generally the objectives of new IT-organizations of blockchain-advances are comparable, yet Paymon is clear because of speed of the improvement. Likely, Paymon is the one which can take care of the most serious issues of crypto and budgetary world and close make such a promotion as EOS, FileCoin, NEO do at 2017.

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