Coinbase, the most important cryptocurrency exchange, brokerage, and billfold primarily based within the U.S.A., integrated Ethereum Classic on Gregorian calendar month twelve sooner than different major cryptocurrencies cherish Ripple and Greek deity.

The community was shocked by the abrupt call of Coinbase to feature ETC to its platform, provided that it’s the eighteenth Most worthy cryptocurrency within the world market and there area unit over a dozen cryptocurrencies with larger market valuation and volume.

Dan Romero, the vp and head at Coinbase, acknowledged that the cryptocurrency community typically gone through the ETC integration with amazement. He stressed that Coinbase’s call to integrate ETC was in the main fueled by its compliance with native rules.

“Seeing some head-scratching on this one [ETC integration]. We’ll continue adding as several assets as we are able to in an exceedingly secure and compliant manner. Building a complete that’s most trustworthy and provides customers direct access to cryptocurrency with USD, EUR, GBP needs being compliant with native laws,” Romero explained.

Why Ethereum Classic?
ETC was created when a bunch of developers laborious forked the Ethereum blockchain network, when the Ethereum community came to a accord to fork the chain to recover the losses of investors within the localised Autonomous Organization (DAO), one in all the primary major localised applications on the Ethereum protocol.

Eventually, the event of ETC was split between many development teams and presently, IOHK, the institution team of $4.4 billion blockchain network Cardano created by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, remains together of the few development groups that administer the event of Ethereum Classic.

ETC, like Ethereum, is sustained by developers within the ASCII text file development community and therefore the success of ETC doesn’t profit one organization. Cryptocurrencies cherish Ripple and Greek deity area unit overseen by freelance and personal firms together with Ripple Labs and

The clear launch of ETC and therefore the localised nature of its development community area unit what light-emitting diode Coinbase to ultimately integrate ETC sooner than different cryptocurrencies cherish XRP and Greek deity.

Brian Armstrong, the chief executive officer at Coinbase, aforementioned that the combination of ETC is barely the start of latest cryptocurrency integration and within the mid-term, the corporate can still add additional cryptocurrencies and tokens.

“Excited to continue adding new assets to Coinbase,” Armstrong aforementioned. The official announcement of the Coinbase team stressed that the platform can support the ERC20 commonplace and bitcoin forks initial, before moving to different cryptocurrencies.

“We have antecedently proclaimed our intention to support the ERC20 technical commonplace and Bitcoin forks. we are going to announce the intention to feature specific assets inside those classes before final engineering integration. this can be according to our public method for adding new assets,” the Coinbase team aforementioned.

What Will come back Next?
Tokens are next on the road, because the Coinbase team stressed on its latest statement. 0x, that encompasses a Coinbase co-founder as Associate in Nursing authority, can possible be integrated next. But, it’s additionally attainable that coinbase integrate the complete ERC20 token commonplace as an entire, implementing all tokens listed on Paradex, the localised cryptocurrency exchange supported the 0x protocol.


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