Gatecoin Bi-weekly update

Dear Gatcoiners,

Welcome to our regular bi-weekly update.

Dev Progress & Release Schedule: We are on schedule. Testing and dev work is progressing well. The system is functioning as expected.

Dev Hiring. We are still aggressively hiring dev engineers. Recruitment remains a high priority. We hope to introduce new team members soon, and are interviewing multiple candidates every week.

Partnerships: We are constantly adding new prospective retail merchants to our list. For legal reasons, our policy is not to release partner names until product launch. All eyes are on dev execution, so we can deliver the system as soon as possible.

Rebranding: Our trademark lawyers Perkins Coie LLP are registering our new marketing package. We are filing in all the biggest markets around the world (as that’s where we fully expect to be). We will be in a position to release the new rebranding package soon.

That’s all of this update. As always, thank you for your continued support for the GATCOIN project.

If you have any questions, or would like to join the GATCOIN conversation, please join our Telegram community at

Simon Cheong

Founder & CEO

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