BlockPort Public Beta Announcement

Next Thursday the 28th of June we will go live! Our public Beta will be available to everyone in Europe. Directly sign-up for the Blockport platform and start trading cryptocurrency.

Extremely exciting times are ahead of us, where we will finally drop the curtains and reveal our product to the world. To ensure smooth access we will activate small batches of user accounts on the first day and keep increasing if all goes well. First come first served, starting with the people that are already on the waiting list. Our aim is to build up the user-base as quickly as possible, throttled by our product’s performance and team’s confidence.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy!

Block port Public Beta Announcement

What is included in the upcoming release

  • Euro gateway with three deposit options: Wire transfer (SEPA), SOFORT, iDeal.
  • Buying, selling and trading of five cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.
  • Withdraw functionality for all five supported cryptocurrencies.
  • Support for all EEA countries.
  • Mobile and Desktop version.

The small amount of features that are still missing for the 1.0 release will be added in the coming weeks causing the Beta to gradually change into the full product. As a user this means that you will notice more functionalities and improvements continuously being added while you use the Beta instead of having one bigger delivery package later in time.

Marketing Momentum

Together with the team, including our new Brand & Marketing manager Chris, we are working around the clock to build up marketing momentum in the coming weeks to create awareness and press exposure for our product release. The marketing activities include:

  • International press release.
  • Advertising campaigns across multiple social media channels.
  • Influencers reviewing the platform and sharing their experience.

We noticed that the instalment of the VPN caused unwanted hassle for every Beta user so far, therefore we have decided to not invite any influencers before we go live next week. It is important to let our influencers experience the platform as it should be experienced.

Next Wednesday 27th of June we will publish a final announcement with more details about the launch. Stay tuned.

If you are excited about what we do, please join our community Telegram channel!

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